SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner



This is not your everyday cleaner.  This is the real deal.  See the before and after below, you don't have to take our word for it.  This is a highly concentrated cleaner, it can be diluted as much as 1:10, or applied straight to get your desired results.   This is a serious cleaning product.  Be sure to always wear rubber gloves, and follows complete application instructions.

Sold in 1 Quart containers.  See our quantity discounts.

"This stuff works great on my 40 year old aluminum fishing boat. It cleans the oxidation with one coat and minimal scrubbing. I let a section sit for about 10 minutes and then remove. After cleaning, I apply Sharkhide whick keeps the aluminum from oxidizing and adds additional shine. Be prepared to put on your sunglasses after application. I repeat this process every three years."

-Tim J


"Product was amazing, no scrubbing! Was a little concerned trying this on a 2016 pontoon but results are unbelievable!!!"

-Eric Billings"


"I tried other pontoon cleaning products but this is the bomb. Unbelievable results.

Removes oxidation, algae, and stains. Extremely fast without effort. Great product."

-Wayne Binkins


"Best darn pontoon cleaner on the market! Wish I had stock in this company"

-Ken Dreger


Proudly 100% American Made.   




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Customer Reviews

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Dave Tscheulin
Lost shipment

Never received my order


this stuff, is the Sh_t. Excuse my language. But after I prove that this stuff effortlessly restores, cleans . Everyone who sees the process take place , they often are speechless or have a couple responses like damn. Or the holy sh_t. I'm being as honest as one could be .I did the pontoons on my father boat . His reaction was wow. He's a Christian man.
Yesturday I did the aluminum Alcoa rims , aluminum tool box on a Ford f-550 with a dump box . Ill get pics for yah. Now he wants me to do all his dump trucks and trailer(aluminum).This product is the real deal. And sorry shark hide but your product is my secret weapon and I'm making a statement using your product . Butt I don't share the name .
Bit don't forget to protect the newly cleaned like new surface with a protectant .
We didn't do that with the pontoons and it dirtyed up quickly because it's like brandnew material and it needed to be protected and or sealed from the elements.
Buy this stuff . If you don't like it. I'll buy the rest from you .

Robert J Hazel
Shark Hide

Excellent Product .. Better than expected ..

robin schuh
great product

used to clean my pontoons and this does an incredible job without having to work hard at a finished product. Easy and quick.

Kenny McF
Fast, effective, goes a long way

Quickly removes stains. You can tailor the concentration to fit the job. Doesn't leave the aluminum quite as off-white as other cleaner products amd with less streaking. 1 qt easily does two 22 ft pontoons.

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