Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner FAQ


Q: Will SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner put a "shine" back on my old stained aluminum?

A: No it will not. As a matter of fact, no acid based aluminum cleaner, no matter what brand, will put a "shine" back on old aluminum. The factory finish on all aluminum (unless polished) is known as the "Mill Finish". This nice shiny silver color is a bi product of the process used in the mills to roll aluminum ingots into sheet form. Once this finish is gone, it can NEVER be re produced.


Q: What kind of finish will SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner leave?

A: That depends on how strong you mix it. When mixed at a weaker ratio, about 10 to 1 or so, it will slowly remove slight stains and oxidation leaving a fairly shiny finish assuming that the original mill finish still exists. But when mixed at a strong ratio, up to about 4 to 1, SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner will bleach aluminum to a uniform off white finish. 


Q: What if I don't want the "Off White" look on my aluminum?

A: There are a few things you can do. Use a coarse Scotch-Brite pad and a trickle of water and rub in small tight circles. This will leave a soft shine like "brushed Aluminum". Or you can use SHARKHIDE Metal Polish and bring your aluminum to a mirror like reflective finish.


Q: Will Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner remove moss and algae?

A: No. When cleaning a boat hull, use a pressure washer and a #2 (10 deg) tip to first "Cut off" the moss and algae while it's still wet. Then go back and scrub off any residue with a coarse Scotch-Brite pad and a garden hose. Now your ready to apply SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner.


Q: How do I apply SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner?

A: It's best applied with a quart "Trigger" type spray bottle. Use one that has an adjustable nozzle that can be set down to a very fine mist. Using a garden sprayer or pressure washer to apply will just use more cleaner than needed.


Q: Will SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner harm my paint or decals?

A: No it won't. Although we can't possibly test our product on every type of paint and vinyl used today, we can say that in over twelve years of our customers using SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner, we have not had one single instance of damage reported due to the cleaner. But still test a small out of the way spot to be sure.


Q: Will it harm bunks or carpet on boat trailers?

A: No it won't. Just be sure to rinse it well when done cleaning. Like with paint and decals, we have not had a single reported instance of damage to bunks or carpet in the twelve years we've offered our cleaner.


Q: Is SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner dangerous to use?

A: Any brand of "acid based" cleaner, including Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner can be dangerous to use if you don't understand or follow the directions for safe use. ALWAYS use rubber gloves and eye protection when using. Also wear long sleeves and pants to avoid skin contact. And NEVER breathe the fumes of ANY type of aluminum cleaners.


Q: Should I be concerned about the run off?

A: In most cases, the amount of cleaner used the project is such a small amount that when rinsed it's so drastically diluted that there's no concern. But if in doubt, check with local authorities about acceptable levels in the run of.

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