Sharkhide Aluminum Polish FAQ

Q: Is metal polish and wax the same thing?
A: No. Wax is simply a coating left on a on a surface to temporarily protect it from the elements. Metal Polish is a compound designed to remove a microscopic 
thin layer of the surface material and leave a flat, reflective surface.
Q: Can I use Sharkhide aluminum Polish on materials other than aluminum?
A: Yes. You can also use it on brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, gold, silver, fiberglass, as well as taking scratches out of Acrylic, and Lexan windshields.
Q: Can I polish metal by hand with Sharkhide Aluminum Polish or should I always use a buffer?
A: Yes you can. But you'll want to stick to the smaller jobs. Use a buffer for the larger areas. It's a lot faster and much easier on you.
Q: What type of buffer should I use?
A: It's best to use a high quality 7" variable speed buffer with a lambs wool, terry cloth, or hard foam pad.
  Q: When I start buffing, there is a black grimy film that forms on the metal. Should I try to remove it?
A: No. Don't worry about the film. It contains the abrasive's from the polish as well as very fine metal particles that will help in the polishing process.

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