SHARKHIDE Metal & Aluminum Protectant



SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons looking like new.  Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting.  The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup.  This product is the cleaning secret you've been waiting to find.  See the results before, and  see what others says below:

"I purchased 2 quarts of Sharkhide for a triple toon, 1 quart would have been plenty.  Now after 2 years, the toons are shiny as the day the boat was delivered." 

-Stan Johnson   -   Lincoln, NE


"After trying several products to get the boat's pontoons shiny again, this one finally worked to get all the stains off. Highly recommend this product!"

-Bonnie Cooper

"Overall, I'm impressed. I used a diaper as indicated in the directions and it spread even and smooth. Then I let it dry overnight and put on a second coat. Let that dry overnight and finished with a third cote. This was done to several different items (all raw aluminum) of various shapes and sizes. It went on easy and smoothly for each item. The finished product was excellent. I can't say anything for it's durability as I just finished it so only time will tell. In the end I am very pleased with ease of application as well as the looks of the finished product."


Proudly 100% American Made.   






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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Ryan Linsley

Worth the money to protect your polished aluminum boat trailer!

Wayne Devellen

Sometimes I spray on. And when I don’t want to mask all the windows and stuff, I use this wipe on seal,0which is really great.

Larry Walker
So far, so good!

Too early to tell yet & have only used it on a Hurst quarter stick brushed aluminum shifter cover but have only had sharkhide for a week. Shipping was great, received it the next day after ordering!

Eugenio Morales

I have been using Gibbs MP for about 5 years and decided to use sharkhide. Followed application process instructions. Set a sample fender skirt outside and had a very slight drizzle and it became covered in rust spots. I contacted them but have not heard back. I'm certain I cleaned the car correctly but maybe my car is so saturated with Gibbs that it does not allow the Shark Hide to adhere. I have sent them photos.

Internet Scam Ordering

There is a website that looks to scam your product. Very deceiving, as people think it's your product. If the Chinese website wasn't so poorly done, I think I may have fallen for it.

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