SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner



This is not your everyday cleaner.  This is the real deal.  See the before and after below, you don't have to take our word for it.  This is a highly concentrated cleaner, it can be diluted as much as 1:10, or applied straight to get your desired results.   This is a serious cleaning product.  Be sure to always wear rubber gloves, and follows complete application instructions.

Sold in 1 Quart containers.  See our quantity discounts.

"This stuff works great on my 40 year old aluminum fishing boat. It cleans the oxidation with one coat and minimal scrubbing. I let a section sit for about 10 minutes and then remove. After cleaning, I apply Sharkhide whick keeps the aluminum from oxidizing and adds additional shine. Be prepared to put on your sunglasses after application. I repeat this process every three years."

-Tim J


"Product was amazing, no scrubbing! Was a little concerned trying this on a 2016 pontoon but results are unbelievable!!!"

-Eric Billings"


"I tried other pontoon cleaning products but this is the bomb. Unbelievable results.

Removes oxidation, algae, and stains. Extremely fast without effort. Great product."

-Wayne Binkins


"Best darn pontoon cleaner on the market! Wish I had stock in this company"

-Ken Dreger


Proudly 100% American Made.   





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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Benjamin Mendler

Order was cancelled with no explanation and no response to inquiry.

Jason Lowe
Takes the radiance off Intake Manifold

I had no idea that the cleaner would take the dazzle away from a brand new intake manifold! I used the cleaner on the New part, thinking to get rid of any machining oils/contaminates. I was taken aback after I rinsed the foaming cleaner (after soaking for prescribed 4-5 mins), to see the new intake look old! It turned "grey". So I broke out the scotchbrite, it helped a little but nothing returning it to; I am guessing Edelbrock (and others, I suppose), media blast (possibly with cracked glass), cast aluminum and this is what makes the part radiate. I sure wish I would have just washed with soap and water, let dry well, then coated! I am going to media blast with cracked glass the sharkhide coating back off and try it again without using the cleaner. Arrgghh.

Unfortunately this was not a good application for the cleaner. On the back it states very clearly it will turn the aluminum an off white. Very sorry this wasn't noticed, and you had to deal with it. The cleaner is to be used on oxidized aluminum and things that are beyond a basic cleaning. Wish we would of been able to help you before this happened.

Michael H Henshaw
27 foot play craft

27 foot play craft I have not got a chance to get started but I was very pleased at how it came in a box packaged all my items I will get back to you when I finish

Jeff Sierocuk

Last year was the first time I used shark hide it foamed up real nice and took all the algae off then I polished it seems like forever and put the sealer on there look great this year it formed up but the LG didn't come 100% off looks good I don't know if the sealer held back anything

Thomas Dalbec
Just as good as first time

Purchased my second bottle of the cleaner, worked great!!! Very happy with the Shark Hide products.

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