SHARKHIDE Metal & Aluminum Protectant



SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons looking like new.  Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting.  The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup.  This product is the cleaning secret you've been waiting to find.  See the results before, and  see what others says below:

"I purchased 2 quarts of Sharkhide for a triple toon, 1 quart would have been plenty.  Now after 2 years, the toons are shiny as the day the boat was delivered." 

-Stan Johnson   -   Lincoln, NE


"After trying several products to get the boat's pontoons shiny again, this one finally worked to get all the stains off. Highly recommend this product!"

-Bonnie Cooper

"Overall, I'm impressed. I used a diaper as indicated in the directions and it spread even and smooth. Then I let it dry overnight and put on a second coat. Let that dry overnight and finished with a third cote. This was done to several different items (all raw aluminum) of various shapes and sizes. It went on easy and smoothly for each item. The finished product was excellent. I can't say anything for it's durability as I just finished it so only time will tell. In the end I am very pleased with ease of application as well as the looks of the finished product."


Proudly 100% American Made.   






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Customer Reviews

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Just applied this to an aluminum intake manifold and some other bare metal parts on an engine. Application was easy and a little product went a long way with coverage. Time will tell how it holds up.

Al West

SHARKHIDE Metal & Aluminum Protectant

rick king
bass buggy 18 dlx

3 coats on outsides of pontoons and 1 coat on insides with 1 quart and still 1/4 quart left.
went on easily.

Christopher Lewis
Awesome stuff

So far so good!
Only drawback is the intense toluene smell as it cures…but loving it otherwise

Stellar Performance!

Stellar performance!
The best example of all the things I've used this on is my 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. I spent almost 2 days under my truck the days after I picked it up from the dealership, brand new. I coated EVERYTHING that was metallic, EVERYTHING! I do not drive this truck in winter but I do drive it in rain. It now has 90,000 miles on it and 9 years old and people are blown away at how brand new the underneath still looks. The upper control arm bushings, the driveshaft, u-joints, brake lines and connectors, nuts, bolts, everything looks as new as the day it rolled off the assembly line. I poured some into a baby food jar and had several different size small paintbrushes and just started splashing Sharkhide everywhere. I would give the Sharkhide a few minutes to dry and move back to what I just did and splashed on a second coat. There is no rust anywhere underneath my 90,000 mile truck. Guys give me sarcasm all the time and I just stand back and smile (smirk). New truck is on order and this time it's a dually and it is going to get the same exact "Sharkhide bath". YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!

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